Seal T-Profile incubators

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T-Profiles oven seal, model QS302103WT, rubber seal, food grade oven Resistant to operating temperatures up to 220 ° C (wide operating temperature range -70 to +220 ° C Tel : 022577154 MB : 0982898676 / 0863077319 LINE@ @ptirubber

Best Seller

Seal T-Profiles incubator model QH251403RT is a rubber seal, red silicone oven, brick with maximum heat resistance of 315 ° C. Designed for use in oven seals. Or seal the machine Equipment that requires high temperature resistance for a long time And do not want to change frequently. Seal T-Profiles model QH251403RT incubators are made with special grade silicone rubber raw materials. Resulting in high flexibility, good recovery and longer service life. Food grade FDA safe for use in the food industry Tel: 0621515494 @ptistock


Rubber seal, door edge, QH351306RT model, rubber seal which is designed like T section shape, so it is suitable for assembly of specific model oven seals. And with a special grade silicone rubber material with high heat resistance Making it able to withstand high heat and prolong the service life Flexible rubber seals Not deformed when used for a long time, resistant to UV Ozone, waterproof, dustproof, excellent heat. Bacteria bacteria Food grade can be used with the food industry. Full performance in seal applications Tel: 0621515494 @ptistock

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