Electrical voltage is the pressure that causes electric current to flow through an electrical conductor, measured in volts (Voltage)

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EPDM rubber sheet, rubber sheet with outstanding properties to withstand the excellent environment Suitable for out door use or outdoor . EPDM rubber sheet Available in both black EPDM rubber and white EPDM rubber sheets to meet the more demanding needs.

silicone rubber sheets are available for both transparent silicone rubber sheets - Working Temp.-70 to +220 C) Colored silicone rubber sheets. White (Translucent Silicone Rubber Sheet - Working Temp.-70 to +220 C) Red Silicone Rubber Sheet (Firebrick Silicone Rubber Sheet- - Working Temp.-70 to +270 C). Thickness starts at 0.5. mm, width 1-2 meters.

Silicone Rubber Sheet EPDM Rubber Sheet NBR Rubber Sheet HNBR Rubber Sheet Neoprene Rubber Sheet or CR Rubber Sheet Viton rubber sheet or FKM NR rubber sheet, IIR rubber sheet, SBR rubber sheet, CSM rubber sheet, etc. In addition, there is also the development of rubber sheet formulas to meet more specific applications such as electrical insulating rubber sheets. Soundproof rubber sheet Flame retardant rubber sheet Sandblast Rubber sheet etc.

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