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Firebrick Silicone (QM) Rubber Sheet 10 mm


Firebrick Silicone (QM) Rubber Sheet , size 10 mm. Silicone rubber sheet FDA 21 CFR 177-2600, Reach / RoHS. Width is 1 meter and 1.2 meters. Order 1 rolls or more (10 meters or more). Contact for pricing. LINE Official Account : @PTIRUBBER Tel: 022577154 MB : 0863077319


Brand : Hypersheet


Firebrick Silicone (QM) Rubber Sheet 10 mm

Firebrick Silicone (QM) Rubber Sheet 10 mm We select quality raw materials, food grade silicone rubber (FDA) used in production. to get a safe silicone rubber sheet ready to be used in the food, beverage, rubber and medical industries and other industries The rubber sheet is translucent. Resistant to mold and bacteria, resistant to high concentrations of UV Ozone. Wide operating temperature range -70 to +270°C and more stable FDA, REACH, RoHS certified


  • Food grade properties with Product Cer. FDA (Reg. 21 CRF 177.2600)
  • No smell, no residue Resistant to mold and bacteria
  • Continuous heat resistance and maximum heat resistance +270°C
  • Strong, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, superior to general silicone rubber sheets
  • Flexible, good recovery, extending service life for a longer time
  • Excellent resistance to UV Ozone and environment


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  • Min order : 1 roll (10M)


   Properties   Data
   Product Code   HSSSQMF6010X1.2
   Product Name   Firebrick Silicone (QM) Rubber Sheet
   Brand   HyperSheet
   Material   Silicone Rubber (QM)
   Thickness   10 mm
   Width   1.2 M
   Length/Roll   10 M
   Net Weight/Roll   150 kgs
   Color   Firebrick
   Density   1.25+/-0.03 g/cm3
   Hardness   60+/-5 Shore A
   Tensile Strength   >7 MPa.
   Elongation at break   >300%
   Tear Strength   >8.5 kgf/cm
   Compression Set : 177°C X 22 hrs.   <15%
   Working Temperature   -70 to +270°C
   Material/Product Certificate   FDA / RoHS / REACH
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