Green SBR Rubber Sheet 3 mm


Green SBR Rubber Sheet Size Thickness 3 mm x Width 200 mm It is a rubber sheet with properties close to natural rubber. Operating temperature -40 to +105°C, good abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, acid, alkali, dilute water, alcohol, salt, glycol and silicone oil. Products are ready for shipping. Free delivery nationwide when ordering a minimum of 50 meters or more Tel : 0-2257-7154 / MB : 086-307-7319 / Line OA : @PTIRUBBER

Brand : Hypersheet


Green SBR Rubber Sheet

  • Size Thickness 3 mm x Width 200 mm
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Tensile strength higher than 7 MPa.
  • Resistant to water, dilute acid-base chemicals
  • Working temperature -40 to +105 ºC
  • Suitable for use on belts or rubber pads that focus on wear-resistant use abrasion resistant


   Properties   Spec.
   Code   HSSSSBN653X0.2
   Material   100% SBR Rubber
   Color   Green
   Thickness   3 mm
   Width   200 mm
   Hardness   65+/-5 Shore A
   Working Temp.   -40 to +105 ºC
   Tensile strength   Higher than 7 MPa.
   Length/Roll   10M


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